We turn chaos into calm; and calm into capital.
We are a team of seasoned leaders and subject matter experts.
We orchestrate better blockchain, financial, and consulting solutions.

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To turn chaos into calm; and calm into capital.



We orchestrate better blockchain, financial, and consulting solutions.

Areas of Expertise 

Financial Management for Blockchain Companies
Crypto-Asset Security
Smart Contracting


Better Design - Better Deployment


We enhance our client’s capacity to lead, manage, fund, and govern their blockchain opportunities.


Objective Advice - Practical Ideas - Purposeful Solutions - Personal Service

Alan W. Boal

Idea Transfer

Danny Thankachan, J.D.

Legal Transformation

Cody Marx Bailey

Smart Contracts / Crypto-assets

Richard E. Martin

Alignment and Execution

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Business Transformation

Subject Matter Experts

Hollis Hedrich

Financial Management Consulting

 Crypto-asset Advisor

Diveej Shrestha

Business Operations

Jorge Olivero

Smart Contracts, Distributed Systems

Peter Getchell

Digital Learning

Cliff Brown

Private Capital Advocate

Mant Hawkins

The Businsess of Blockchain

David Pender

Knowledge Perspectives

David Theodore

Blockchain, R&D, Cyber-security

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Blockchain Global Consulting

Financial Management

At Blockchain Global Consulting, our mission is to provide blockchain focused companies with superior financial management services. We combine decades of financial management experience with cutting edge blockchain expertise to ensure proper financial procedures are implemented & controls are in place - better design, better deployment.


Blockchain focused companies and ICO’s.


To facilitate proper financial management for blockchain centric organizations.


Decades of traditional financial experience is combined with blockchain expertise to provide clients with an effective and efficient advisory service.


Reliable, objective financial management advice that takes into consideration the unique requirements and opportunities facing blockchain based businesses.

Blockchain Global Financial

Crypto-asset Security


Individuals, Family Offices and Professional Advisors 


To facilitate the secure long-term storage of Crypto-Assets


Education - Security Focus - Risk Reduction


Objective Advice - Practical Ideas - Best in class security - Personal Service


For individuals who wish to invest in and hold crypto-assets securely, Blockchain Global Financial offers personalized services to facilitate functional understanding, portfolio design, and most importantly, secure long-term cold storage.

Because it is still very early in the crypto-asset life-cycle, extra-ordinary appreciation is possible but that comes with a price. The price is an elevated risk of loss due to systemic imaturity. Cold storage is one of the ways investors can protect themselves from black hat hackers and other criminals looking to steal their crypto.

​Whatever your knowledge level, Blockchain Global Financial can help you improve your understanding and install best practices to protect your crypto-asset investment.


Blockchain Global Solutions

Smart Contracting

The future of formal agreements are self-executing smart contracts.

Smart contracts are contracts written in computer code. A smart contract exists in the virtual world but governs business and relationships in the real one. It can exist as a physical document as well but it is not a requirement. The code is recorded on a blockchain which allows for automatic progression of the agreement and settlement. The contracts, when properly written, run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference. Most, if not all, contracts in the future will be “smart” contracts.


While self-executing agreements are still in their infancy, it is a ground-breaking new method of reaching consensus that will revolutionize how we live and work.


If you are interested in finding out how smart contracts could be used in your business BGA is ready to help.



We believe in turning chaos into calm and calm into practical solutions.

Blockchain Global Advisors Connects the Blocks and the People


If you and your clients are looking for seasoned leaders and subject matter experts to orchestrate better blockchain, financial, and consulting solutions, welcome!

We blend expertise in business strategy, leadership, and ideation with technological expertise into sustainable, customer focused solutions.

Our team is an uncommon mix of leaders, managers, stewards, and educators.

Leaders are effective - they communicate the right things.

Managers are efficient - they do the right things right.

Stewards are ethical - they do the right things right for the right reasons.

Educators are endsightful - they start with the end-in-sight and a road map to get there.

Using our BGA Collaborative Platform we begin every engagement with the fresh perspective of a beginner's mindset.


We leverage the benefits of decades of combined experience, a unique understanding of crypto-assets and a deliberate, rapid action planning process.


This is why Blockchain Global Advisors can adapt and respond to our clients' urgent requirements for innovative business solutions.


We welcome your inquiries.

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Blockchain Global Advisors


"Let us dedicate ourselves to what the Greeks wrote so many years ago: to tame the savageness of man, and make gentle the life of this world." 


Robert F. Kennedy

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