Socrates taught Plato.

Plato taught Aristotle.

Aristotle taught Alexander the Great.

Is there pattern here to replicate?

At BGA, the capacity to teach

and be taught is essential.

What are you interested in learning?

What are you interested in teaching?


For us, education means to lead and

enlighten ourselves and others,

not just Readin', 'Ritin' and 'Rithmetic.

Once upon a time the Three R's stood for

Reading, Reckoning and Rhetoric.


In any community and collaboration,

we can do well and do good. We balance

our private interest with the public good.

Our founder's vision was to lead with

education so that sovereign individuals

and adaptive enterprises would create

value on commonwealth platforms.


Like a digital edition of the Library of

Alexander, we invite you to teach and

learn the context and content required

to adapt to rapid change and disruption.

"Order and simplification are the first

steps toward the mastery of a subject -

the actual enemy is the unknown."

Thomas Mann

The Magic Mountain


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